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The number of tiles and waist line how to calculate


In general, calculate how much should use many ceramic tile waist line, should first let the designer or the construction workers measure to construction of the area and perimeter of ceramic tile, calculated as follows:

Example: how to calculate the amount of ceramic tile?

For example: you have 5 square ground of toilet, so how much need to buy ceramic tile? How does conversion?

Metope actual area = ground area of high minus the square root of 4 * * room door open, the area of the window.

Root of 5 * 4 * 2.5 (average use high) = 22 square meters.

At the time of purchase quantity can buy 22 square meters, the surplus has been to play out, is the area of the door, window. Generally recommended to use 300 * 450 specifications, the floor tile of form a complete set of 300 * 300 specifications are available, and finally can retreat more fill less.

Ceramic tile number

So how much to buy the waist line?

The perimeter of metope = ? the ground surface