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Ceramic tile distributors marketing skills Do the easy success at four o 'clock


Before the property market in recent years the rapid development of building materials industry also with income, but last year the whole industry to see this ah mist, just as many see the distributor miserable, no matter how the development of the industry, the future potential of the ceramic tile industry is huge, key dealers how to do management and team building, staff is the key support the overall operation of the place.

First, the skinny team is very stable

Why can the backbone team of excellent ceramic tile dealers be stable because they are married women. This is a major discovery, because the small series have always believed that the sale is a male dominated occupation. It is also reasonable to think about it, because men have a greater risk of mental health, good men are very easy to quit or venture. But women have a strong sense of stability, especially married women, because there is a child, there is a stronger security needs. At the same time, married women's mood swings smaller than men, not easy to conflict with superiors or subordinates.

Second, management science system

The family business, a lot of people have been criticized, but joined the family business agent tile phenomenon is difficult to avoid. It is hard to say that many people mix the family business with the two problems of family management. The family enterprise is the concept of property right, which means that the fund comes from a family. The family management is another concept. As long as there are several family members to participate in the management of the family business and the formation of small groups, it will form a family management. In general, family members have a strong sense of insecurity for non family members, professional managers often feel that there is no right to work. Excellent tile joining agents usually limit the number of family members, or only allow members of the family to participate in a very special position, and does not grant management privileges. Even some tile agents once said: tile agents to join to develop, first of all to the sister-in-law and sister-in-law please go out. From the management point of view, the development of the enterprise is to learn from the management of people who do not trust, because the family members are credible, it is difficult to establish the normal staff of the normal work of the system.

Third, to provide opportunities for employees

Excellent ceramic tile to join the agency staff treatment than imagined low, but it is some employees frequent job hopping tile agent treatment is not low. Excellent ceramic tile agents to join the means of people, the first is welfare, because the benefits are more likely to have a sense of security. Most of the ceramic tile franchise agents will make excellent staff travel one or two times each year; second, the growth of expectations, because the excellent ceramic tile agents in the continuous development, the development will be able to create opportunities for employees.

Fourth, often to peer learning

Some tiles join agents often participate in training, but the results are not large. Some tiles to join agents often go out to join the better tile agents to learn, this way more effective.