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1.The international advanced production research and development advantages

Together industry's top talents, advanced research and development team, exclusive imported full automatic production line, follow the market trend, the diversity of the research, development and production of products constantly

2.Pay attention to brand development, brand influence

Ancient road very pay attention to brand planning publicity, in many within the industry, and the product won the industry a variety of certificate

3.Systematic large-scale production base, fast delivery cycle

Ensure the large raw material warehouse, raw material reserves, and guaranteed quality

4.Training support, and merger and encouraging policies

Systematic training, guide the dealers to guide professional skills in order to improve competitiveness, and supporting the excellent dealers do big and stronger, more tend to specialization, scale management, achievement dealers entrepreneurial dream

5.Perfect after-sale service system, enjoy the high quality service

Follow the customer supreme service idea; < br / > professional customer service team, provide thoughtful after-sales service < br / > to provide perfect service system of supply and order processes < br / > 24 hours response problem

6.Brand image support

Company gives the brand right of use, greatly improve the image of the store advertising and appeal. With the national unified VI manuals,

Joining conditions:

1 have a legal or natural person legal qualification
2. has a good business reputation and business reputation in the local, and abide by the law and relevant regulations,
3. corporate culture and business philosophy of identity corporation about building materials Home Furnishing industry, with strong management ability, marketing ability, good customer service consciousness and the service capacity of the
4. in the city have the mainstream building materials market 100 square or more stores
5. willing to accept a variety of standard training system, to strictly enforce standards, brand agent price and terminal preferential policies according to the requirement of company.